22 TOFC Players Selected for Upcoming BC Soccer HPP Projects

Thompson Okanagan FC is proud to announce that the following players have been selected to participate in upcoming BC Soccer High Performance Program projects:

2004 Girls
Madison Hicks-Kelowna
Andrea Kraetzer- Kelowna
Ava Wright- Vernon

2003 Girls
Kiana Onyango- Kamloops
Abigail Taneda- Kelowna
Liesl Milovick- Kamloops

2001 Girls
Yvonne Manwaring- Kamloops
Stefanie Young- Kelowna

2000/1999 Girls
Kate Cartwright- Kamloops
Morgan Asling- Kelowna

2004 Boys
Gavin McFee- Kelowna
Rhys Gustafson- Kamloops
Diego Merenick- Kelowna
Alesandro Comita Kamloops

2003 Boys
Camden Elkin- Kelowna
Connor Dueck- Kamloops

2001 Boys
Lucas Hicklin- Kelowna
Isaac Boehmer- OK Falls

2000/1999 Boys
Carl Vandekraats- Kelowna
Sam McDonald -Kelowna
Bjorn Borren- Penticton
Owen Miller –Vernon

Congratulations to all of these players. Your determination and hard work has been recognized and this is something to be proud of.